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Organic Air Con Cleaning Gold Coast

Welcome to Organic Air Con Cleaning. We are a family-owned and operated business located on the Gold Coast who offer the safest and healthiest air conditioning cleaning services in Australia. 

We specialise in low pressure Deep Cleaning and Sanitising of wall mounted split systems with Safe Organic Cleaning Products that are Non-Toxic and Non-Corrosive.

The benefits of our service extend beyond just cleaning your air conditioner. We have a unique cleaning system that contributes to your overall health and well-being by promoting a healthy and natural environment surrounding your air conditioner.


Organic Air Conditioning Cleaning – A Natural Alternative 

The Organic Cleaning Products we use are made from All Natural Ingredients. They are free from Toxic Chemicals and are 100% Biodegradable, which means that not only are they completely safe for you, your family and pets but also the environment.

Our Probiotic Cleaning Products work differently to anti-bacterial products, which attempt to kill bad bacteria but unfortunately wipe out the good bacteria too. Our Probiotic Cleaners utilise beneficial live bacteria to regenerate and repopulate with healthy bacteria so they can dominate harmful, disease-causing (pathogenic) bacteria. Good bacteria are essential to maintaining a healthy well-balanced environment, just like they are essential for your inner health. The Probiotics even continue to work after the initial application to help maintain a natural, healthy and clean environment for longer. 

In addition to effectively counteracting bad bacteria, our Probiotic Cleaners also break down and remove mould, mildew, oils, grime, dirt, allergens and other microbiological matter from within your air conditioner. 


Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

Being a local family-owned Gold Coast air conditioning cleaning business, we are dedicated to delivering a professional service with a personal touch. Our approach, quite simply, is to provide superior customer service partnered with premium workmanship. Our work standards, cleaning products, attention to detail and motivation are second to none and guarantee to deliver results that exceed your expectations every time. 

Our team are also professionally trained in WH&S standards, power supply isolation and correct cleaning procedures. After all, it is our responsibility to safely and effectively clean and sanitise your air conditioner.

To maintain our consistently high level of customer care, we ensure that our technicians are always on time, friendly, respectful and honest. In addition, for your added peace of mind, our technicians undergo a National Police Certificate check. They are also appropriately insured and hold a current working with children blue card.


✅ Police Checked

✅ Full Insurance

✅ Current Working With Children Blue Card

✅ Professionally Trained

✅ Family-Owned and Operated



Your Air Conditioner Could Be Making Your family Sick

A dirty air conditioner can contribute to some health problems. The most common are:





Sore/itchy eyes

Flu like symptoms


Sinus problems 

Sore throat 

Respiratory problems 

It is recommended to have your air conditioners professionally cleaned and sanitised on a yearly basis, this is very effective in terms of minimising these risks before they become health issues.


Improve Cooling And Air Flow

Dirt, dust, debris and other contaminants can form a barrier between the evaporator coil and the air that flows over it. Unfortunately, this affects the heat transfer process from cooling the air effectively.

The air flow will also be affected by the build-up of contaminants on the barrel fan. Over time, these build-ups can cause a blockage in the fan, restricting air flow. This can also cause the fan to be imbalanced resulting in costly damages to the fan motor.

During the cleaning process we remove the air con casing so we can easily access the coil, fan and air well.


Save $$$ On Your Power Bill

The build-up of contamination and debris on the coil and fan will cause your air con to work harder than usual, using more power to reach your desired room temperature.

Our Complete Deep Clean and Sanitise service can reduce power consumption by up to 28%, saving you $$$ on your power bill.


Protect Your Investment

To ensure that the manufacturers warranty remains valid on your air conditioner, you must have it thoroughly cleaned as part of regular maintenance. Cleaning the filters alone is not enough to stop the build up of contaminants that can lead to blockages of internal components and the drain pipe, resulting in breakdowns and costly damages.


Our Complete Deep Clean And Sanitise Service Includes 

✅ The use of All Natural, Organic Cleaning Products that are completely free from Toxic Chemicals

✅ Low pressure deep clean and sanitise of evaporator coil, barrel fan and air well to remove all contaminants 

✅ Clean and sanitise air filters 

✅ Clean evaporator casing

✅ Thoroughly clean the drain pan and flush drain pipe to ensure there are no blockages

✅ Remove bad smells and odours caused from contamination

✅ Fix water leaks caused from blockages 

✅ Clean outdoor condenser coil if required 

✅ Air conditioner operation / function check

✅ Replace the batteries in the AC remote if required



$165 Per Wall Split System


Time Required

60-90 Minutes


Servicing Gold Coast, Logan and South Brisbane Suburbs.

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