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Air Conditioner Cleaning Gold Coast

Organic Air Conditioning Cleaning Gold Coast, specialising in the Safe and Organic deep cleaning of Wall Split-System Air Conditioners. Here are just a few reasons why our customers choose our service:

  1. Family Owned and Operated Business, Not a Franchise
  2. Air Conditioner Deep Cleaning Experts in Wall Split System Air Conditioners
  3. Certified Organic Cleaning Products that are Safe, Non-Toxic & Biodegradable
  4. Comprehensive Aircon Cleaning Service
  5. Mould, Contaminants & Odour Removal
  6. Transparent & Simple Pricing – Only $180 per Residential Aircon / $220 per Commercial Aircon – No Hidden Fees, No Additional Call Out Fees, No Upselling

We are Australia’s only air conditioner cleaning service provider to use Certified Organic Cleaning Products. These are made from Safe, Non-Toxic Ingredients.

If you want to improve the air quality in your home, have your Air Con working like new & smelling fresh, have improved efficiency and be cleaned with family-friendly Organic-Certified products. Call us Today.

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Gold Coast Air Con Cleaning

Our AirCon Deep Clean Service Includes

  • The use of All Natural, Organic Cleaning Products that are completely free from Toxic Chemicals
  • Low pressure deep clean and sanitise of evaporator coil, barrel fan and air well
  • Clean and sanitise air filters
  • Clean and sanitise plastic casing
  • Clean and sanitise the drain pan and flush drain pipe to ensure there are no blockages
  • Remove bad smells and odours caused from contamination
  • Fix water leaks caused from blockages
  • Clean outdoor condenser coil if required
  • Air conditioner operation / function check
  • Replace the batteries in the AC remote if required
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Check out our amazing reviews – on both Google and Facebook!

Simple Pricing

We believe in transparent & simple pricing

We pride ourselves on being transparent with our pricing, no hidden extras, no additional call out fees or upselling. At just $180 per residential wall split system / $220 per commercial wall split system, you can rest assured knowing what you will be paying on the day.

Being a local Gold Coast based family-owned business, we are dedicated to delivering a professional service with a personal touch. Our approach, quite simply, is to provide superior customer service partnered with premium workmanship. Our work standards, cleaning products, attention to detail and motivation are second to none and we guarantee to deliver results that exceed your expectations every time.

Our team are professionally trained in WH&S standards, power supply isolation and correct cleaning procedures. After all, it is our responsibility to safely and effectively clean and sanitise your air-conditioner.

To maintain our consistently high level of customer care, we ensure that our Aircon Cleaning Technicians are always on time, respectful, honest and leave your home as clean as we found it. In addition, for your added peace of mind, our technicians undergo a National Police Certificate check too. They are also appropriately insured and hold a current working with children blue card.

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No Hidden FeesChemical-Free Certified Organic Products

$ 180

Per Residential Wall Split System
  • No Hidden Fees or Upselling
  • Certified Organic Cleaning Products
  • Deep Clean/Sanitise Evaporator Coil
  • Deep Clean/Sanitise Barrel Fan
  • Deep Clean/Sanitise Air Well
  • Clean/Sanitise Air Filters
  • Clean/Sanitise Plastic Casing
  • Clean/Sanitise Drain Pan & Flush Drain Pipe
  • Remove Bad Odours
  • Fix Water Leaks Caused by Blockages
  • Clean Outdoor Condenser Coil (if required)
  • Air Conditioner Operation/Function Check
  • Replace Batteries in AC Remote (if required)
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Pricing Terms & Conditions

Organic Air Con Cleaning Gold Coast’s pricing is based upon moderately mouldy / dirty wall split system air conditioners. Although most deep clean services can be completed within the allocated 90 minute time frame, extra time and cleaning product that is required due to being excessively dirty will attract an additional fee.

Benefits of Air Con Cleaning

Cleaning Mould from Air Conditioning Unit

Air conditioners provide the ideal breeding ground for mould due to the build up of condensation within the head unit, lack of ventilation to dry it out when your air con is switched off, warm temperatures of 20°or more and a food source such as dust.

Breathing in airborne mould spores and the mycotoxins they produce is extremely toxic to your health and can lead to very serious long term health complications.

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Certified Organic Products

A Natural Alternative to Harsh Chemicals

The Organic Cleaning Products that we use are Certified by Australian Certified Organic. They are made from All Natural Ingredients, free from Toxic Chemicals and are 100% Biodegradable. This means that not only are our air-con cleaning products completely safe for your family and pets, but safe for the environment too.

Many every day cleaning products contain some very nasty toxic ingredients that we as humans shouldn't be exposed to, that's why we do what we do! We are passionate about the health and well being of every one of our valued customers, that's why we only ever use Safe Organic Cleaning Products to clean your air conditioners.

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Benefits of Cleaning Your Aircon

Cleaning your air conditioning units regularly has big benefits for you, your family and the air con itself. Besides mould, air conditioners also harbor other types of microorganisms that can contribute to health problems.

Improve Cooling And Air Flow

Dirt, dust, mould and other contaminants form a barrier between the evaporator coil and the air that flows over it. Unfortunately this affects the heat transfer process from cooling the air effectively.

Air flow will also be affected by the build up of contaminants on the barrel fan. A blocked fan will restrict air flow and cause the fan motor to struggle under unnecessary load resulting in motor failure.

During the cleaning process we remove the air conditioner casing so that we can easily access and thoroughly clean the coil, fan and air well.

Reduce Power Consumption

The build up of contaminants on the coil and fan will cause your air con to work harder than usual, using more power to reach your desired room temperature, costing you more money to run.

Our Deep Clean and Sanitise service can reduce power consumption by up to 28%, saving you $$$ on your power bill.

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Check out our amazing reviews – on both Google and Facebook!